Researchers warn: We face a ‘major extinction event’ among primates if action is not taken to protect around 300 species, including gorillas, chimps, lemurs and lorises!

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Humans and primates share common ancestry. Despite this fact, we have endangered and destroyed primates throughout our history.

96 % of all apes and half of all species of monkeys are threatened with extinction. All of us consume or have consumed products contributing to the endangerment of primates.

“Global attention is needed immediately to reverse the looming risk of primate extinctions and to attend to local human needs in sustainable ways. Raising global scientific and public awareness of the plight of the world’s primates (…) is imperative.” (Source)

With the ApeCash Project, we want to help raise awareness and contribute to the conservation of primate habitat and life.

Find out how we aim to do this:


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You need an ERC20 compatible wallet to send and receive $APEc. Desktop wallets we recommend are MyEtherWallet, MetaMask or Mist. You can also use a wallet on your smartphone – we have found Trust Wallet, Coinomi and Enjin to be good choices (but do your own research.

In the wallet of your choice, you can add an Ethereum ERC20 token manually. Copy the token’s address, Name, Symbol and Decimals and paste them in the appropriate form fields. Now, when you receive $APEc, your balance will show up!

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