We want to raise awareness for primate endangerment through three phases

  • Phase 1 “Rise”: In the first phase, we increase awareness for the project and our mission by generating social buzz, building a community and airdropping our token APEc.
  • Phase 2 “Dawn”: In the second phase and following exchange listings, we’ll use funds from our dedicated donation wallet to support charities when APEc gains value.
  • Phase 3 “Empire”: In the third phase we will build our decentralized direct-donation platform connecting donors and beneficiaries, the „Patreon for Pri-mates“: 
Project Caesar.


Awareness is a key factor in addressing primate endangerment issue. We believe this project can be of help.

Global attention is needed immediately to reverse the looming risk of primate  extinctions. Raising global public awareness  of the plight of the world’s primates and the costs of their loss to human society is imperative. – ScienceAdvances, Impending extinction crisis of the world’s primates, 2017

In Phase 3, we will try to solve real-world problems on the blockchain:


Find out more about Project Caesar and read our lite paper.

Mission Statement

The ApeCash Project aims to raise awareness for endangered primates, and in further consequence support primate-related charities and organization through donations and their decentralized direct donation platform, Project Caesar.

We as humans are the single biggest threat to our closest relatives. The ApeCash Project team acknowledges this fact. We cannot influence industry factors driving extinction as individuals, but we can directly aid organizations helping primates survive.

As individuals, we have already been donating to such organizations. But we believe we can do more. To begin with, awareness for primate endangerment is the biggest challenge.

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We will regularly feature charities and organizations, speak about current developments, post alarming news. We will appeal to our community to help us spread this message.

We have locked 25 % of the total supply in a dedicated wallet (0xe32F1ed59a159ebE67f97b00EcD11254eD7FB624) – if ApeCash Coin one day increases in value, we will use the funds to support primate-related charities. As individuals, we are already supporting charities with donations on a private level, but it would be so amazing if we could take this to another level with ApeCash Coin.

If you receive $APEc through an Airdrop or sent to you by friends, speak about it on your social channels – share the message about how apes and monkeys are endangered, and share infos about this project.

ApeCash Coin has a total supply of 250,000,000 tokens. The majority will be airdropped, but as mentioned, 62,500,000 will be locked in a dedicated wallet.

$APEc or ApeCash Coin is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a crypto coin and can be received and sent over the Blockchain. ApeCash Coin is not a security.