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Introducing Project Caesar, Phase 3 of the ApeCash Project: A decentralized direct-donation platform

Following the finalization of our Airdrops distributing close to 60 Million ApeCash Coins (APEc) to over 3,000 people, we are very happy to introduce you to what will be the culmination of Phase 3 of the ApeCash Project, set to launch in 2020:

Codenamed Project Caesar, it will be a decentralized direct-donation platform fueled by ApeCash Coin, a solution that will address several problems and hopefully contribute to mass adoption of crypto.

To recap, these are the other phases of our project:

  • Phase 1 “Rise”: In the first phase, we increase awareness for the project and our mission by generating social buzz, building a community and airdropping our token APEc.
  • Phase 2 “Dawn”: In the second phase and following exchange listings, we’ll use funds from our dedicated donation wallet to support charities when APEc gains value.

Phase 3, titled “Empire”, will then see the final development, beta-testing and launch of Project Caesar.

Our new lite paper shares details on Project Caesar – here are some screenshots.

The Business Plan Blueprint


How it works


First draft / wireframe of frontend


We are very excited about this plan and we hope you share our excitement.


We want to be 100% transparent: At this point, our team does not have the expertise to build the platform the way we envision it. We think it’s important to know one’s boundaries and therefore we feel no shame in admitting that our vision goes beyond what we can fabricate internally (Project Caesar most probably will entail leaving Ethereum and building our own Mainnet).

That is why a priority in the next six to twelve months will be the hiring of the right people sharing our mindset and bringing the needed skillset to the table. We will keep the community updated about this.

In the meantime, let us not forget that we are still in the beginnings of this project. We only launched in June of this year. The next months will also see us continuing to build our community, negotiate with further exchanges etc.

By the way: Don’t forget we will be listed on TCXHub.com on October 1, 2018. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and join us on Telegram!

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