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Airdrop Round 2 is over – here is what you need to know

Thank you to all participants of our second and last Airdrop round of ApeCash Coin ($APEc). In this round, we distributed 10k APEc to participants.

Please understand that we cannot and will not respond to individual support requests or complaints regarding the airdrop – we are not working with a third-party, but handling this airdrop internally in our team, and it is time and money consuming as it is.

For reasons of transparency, we do want to give you some general information, especially regarding two points:

  • How we decided on eligibility
  • Why you may not have received tokens

Let’s dive in!

How we decided on eligibility

In short, the rules of participation were as follows:

  • Follow our Twitter account
  • Retweet Airdrop tweet
  • Join our Telegram group
  • Submit E-Mail or join Subreddit
  • Fill out a Google form with details

Needless to say that following through with all tasks was mandatory for eligibility. Here is the process we went through to confirm eligibility:

  • We first weeded out all double or more entries
  • Then we double-checked whether ETH addresses had been submitted more than once
  • We then analyzed every entry whether the Twitter account followed us, including random samplings of the other rules

In this way, we were able to weed out over 3k faulty entries. But it didn’t end there. There are always cases where somebody submits twice out of good reason. To be as fair as possible, we also analyzed the double entries. If everything else checked out (follows us, looks real, followed other rules), we only deleted the excess entries (this is also the reason why total participation is not exactly 3k in the end).

Apart from that we were able to identify the majority of automated entries, and we think we were able to eliminated as many fake entries as possible. That being said, our system is not perfect, so there will be exceptions.

Why you may not have received tokens

We have initiated the process of token distribution on Monday, September 10, 2018. The tokens should reach the wallets of eligible participants by tomorrow latest.

If you haven’t received tokens from this airdrop, please understand that we cannot and will not respond to individual claim requests. 

But here are some reasons you may not have received tokens:

  • Your submission was faulty and you were not eligible: You may have not followed all the rules closely enough (for example: You did not follow us back). Also, you may have input faulty information (numerous ETH addresses turned out to be wrong, also many people submitted our Twitter account as account which is a clear error). As stated in the terms of the airdrop, the correct submission is your sole responsibility, but even a correct submission is no guarantee. No matter what, we do not have the resources to double-check whether you input the correct information.
  • You have not added our contract: For our token to show up you have to add our contract details to your ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet. You find all the relevant information here. If you were eligible for distribution and if you added our contract correctly, the tokens should show up.
  • You used an exchange address: This is a common mistake and we warned every participant in our form not to use an exchange address. If your Ethereum wallet address is on an exchange, the tokens are lost and cannot be redeemed. This again is your responsibility.
  • Your submission was red-flagged: There are many factors flowing into our evaluation process. If too many red flags are raised, a submission may be disqualified. Again, it is the sole responsibility of the participant to make sure their submission meets the requirements, which also includes that your Twitter account doesn’t give a spammy or bot impression. We explicitly did not disqualify Twitter accounts with low followings per se, but if the overall impression was off, this was a red flag and may have led to disqualification.

We understand this process may lead to disappointment, but we would like to remind you that this airdrop from the get go did not give guarantees and you agreed to the terms.

We still hope this article clears things up. If you have further questions not pertaining to individual requests, please reach out.

2 thoughts on “Airdrop Round 2 is over – here is what you need to know

  1. Brick Soriano

    You’ve been blessed my wallet during your first airdrop, and i participated in your second airdrop, hope i did it the right way and didn’t missed any task..
    But anyways if i am not eligible in your second airdrop, perhaps its my fault. Goodluck Team Apecash, hope to see you in a Good Exchange.


    • Ape Cash Project

      There are numerous reasons why it may not have functioned, one being that with over 7000 participants there is room for error when automating the process of evaluation. We understand your disappointment and appreciate your spirit and understanding. That being said: If you took part in round 1 you have three times as many as the participants in this round, that’s cool 🙂


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