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How helping Primates helps all of us – ApeCash Project

We are a blockchain project aiming to help primates by raising awareness for endangerment of Apes and Monkeys by sharing our token $APE, igniting social volume and donating to primate-related organization. You can read more about our project here and explore the white paper here.

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When creating our project, we asked ourselves: “Are we doing the right thing in supporting primates? Wouldn’t it be better to help humans?”

We think this is a legitimate concern, and in case you’ve asked yourself the same question, here is our take on the issue:

First of all, no one can help everyone. It is important to choose one’s fights, otherwise one runs the risk of doing things halfheartedly. So we believe it is fair to fight for a single-issue cause. We are working on this project on our free time, next to a nine-to-five job. We want to use our resources wisely.

But the good thing is: In helping primates, we are actually helping humans as well!

Why? Because the endangerment of primates, the destruction of their habitat and the fate of life on earth in general ist connected.

You see, not only poaching or diseases pos a threat to apes and monkeys. It is especially the issue of deforestation that is driving primates closer to extinction:

So by destroying their natural habitat, we are actively killing primates. And this poses an existential threat to humanity:

Our ecosystem depends on earth’s forests to supply us with oxygen. By destroying forests, we are affecting our climate and the air that we breathe. We are not only limiting the habitat of primates – we are limiting our own habitat.

“The chimpanzee, a fellow great ape, shares 98.5% of our DNA and they are our closest living relative, with both humans and chimpanzees separating from a common ancestor just 6 million years ago (a relatively small time frame in evolutionary terms). The research potential for humans in unlocking our own evolutionary past through the study of primates is unparalleled and essential to our understanding of our own species.” (Source)

These are just two aspects. There are probably many more.

That’s why we are not only helping primates – we are helping ourselves. We hope to make a difference. Your support is very much appreciated.

Raising awareness for primate endangerment with a social token


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