This is what we will do if ApeCash ($APE) gets listed on Exchanges

As put forth in our mission statement and white paper, ApeCash for now is a social token, meant to raise awareness for the plight of primates by distributing and sharing $APE among recipients and speaking about it on Social Media.

But what if ApeCash does get listed on exchanges in the future?

For that reason, we have designated 62,500,000 $APE tokens to be locked in a dedicated wallet (0xe32F1ed59a159ebE67f97b00EcD11254eD7FB624). These tokens won’t be airdropped.

Instead, they are locked away for the event of exchange listings and an increase in value. If $APE does develop a value related to $ETH and/or $USD, we will use the funds to support charities working to preserve primates. (Important side note: Out of respect for our community and hodlers of $APE we will never dump the whole wallet at once – this would be counterproductive and would harm the purpose of $APE. Instead, we will carefully designate amounts and sell walls that won’t hurt the price. We take the social token aspect very seriously – while we want to help as many primates as possible, we have a responsibility towards our community and hodlers, as well.)

Charities we have in mind

There are a lot of organizations trying to help primates. For us, it is paramount that the support we can offer is sustainable. Here is a small list of charities we have looked at already and hope to support in the future:

  • Pro Wildlife – Sponsorship of an ape or monkey: This organization lets one sponsor an animal on a yearly basis, essentially securing the future of an individual primate.
  • Center for Great Apes – Birthday Sponsorship: With this charity, they offer a birthday sponsorship. This is essentially the same as the above, with the difference that the sponsors get to throw the animal a birthday party as well – what a cute idea!
  • Project for Wildlife and Ape Conservation: P-WAC provides sanctuary care for chimpanzee victims of deforestation and poaching.
  • Ape Alliance: The Ape Alliance is an international coalition of organisations and individuals, working for the conservation and welfare of apes.
  • Ape Malaysia: APE programmes are focussed around the orang-utans of Malaysia, representing a collection of orang-utan welfare and conservation programmes in Malaysia.

Is there an organization we should know of? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!

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