Airdrop Information

ApeCash Airdrop: Here is the information you need

ApeCash ($APE) is a social ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain aiming to raise awareness about the endangerment of primates by distributing $APE tokens and encouraging recipients to spread information regarding apes and monkeys – find out more here.

The first airdrop round of $APE will begin in August exclusively via our own Twitter account – follow us so you don’t not miss the announcement. 

Here is the relevant information:

Modus of airdrop

We will announce the beginning of the airdrop via Twitter. In the tweet, the rules to participate will be specified. In the first round, we will randomly choose participants who will receive random amounts of $APE sent to their ERC20 wallet.

We will distribute $APE free of charge and cover the transaction. As we will pay the Gas ourselves, we ask for your understanding that the distribution will be fulfilled at our discretion, but we aim to be as fair as possible.

As of now, we’re planning at least two initial airdrop rounds in August. More may follow.

$APE specs

To receive $APE, you will need an ERC20 compatible wallet.

Desktop wallets we recommend are MyEtherWallet, MetaMask or Mist. You can also use a wallet on your smartphone – we have found Trust Wallet, Coinomi and Enjin to be good choices (but do your own research.

In the wallet of your choice, you can add an Ethereum ERC20 token manually. Copy the token’s address, Name, Symbol and Decimals and paste them in the appropriate form fields. Now, when you receive $APE, your balance will show up!

This is the essential token information:

Contract Address: 0x04162aee1c40cf63747e6bc3a7e84acec1ba2a78

Name: ApeCash

Symbol: APE

Decimals: 18

You can verify the token information on Etherscan.

General information

There is a total supply of 250,000,000 $APE tokens. 25% are locked in a dedicated wallet. The purpose: Should $APE one day actually be listed on exchanges, we will donate the proceeds of this wallet to charities working for the salvation of primates.

A small part of the total supply will remain with the ApeCash Team for hiring talent and collateral (Marketing, PR, exchanges), but the vast majority of tokens will be airdropped in the coming months. We may also decide to top up the donation wallet, but that remains to be seen.

“Why should I join the airdrop?”

The best answer is to visit the page explaining ApeCash and make up your mind. You have nothing to lose.

Please follow us on Twitter to stay up to date!

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